Creating an Example Set

A new Example Set is created through the File > New > Example Set menu item or with the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+D.

Adding Columns

Any new Example Set will start from the Configure view which allows the user to add columns. The column names added to the Example Set will directly correspond to the <chevron_variables> to be populated in Scenario Outlines, so the precise naming of these columns is very important.

Columns are added using the Add Column button in the top bar. All columns must have a name and a type. New columns will default to a STRING date type, but INT and FLOAT are also options. Cycle will validate that the data entered into these columns fits the data type expected.

Saving the Example Set

Once all necessary columns have been added, clicking the Configure button will prompt the user to save the Example Set giving it a name and optional description. Note: The exact name used here (case sensitive) is what will be reused after Datastore Examples: in any corresponding Scenario Outlines.

Adding Data to the Example Set

The next step is to populate the Example Set with rows of data. This can be done manually in Cycle or programmatically with SQL or WebAPI inserts.

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