Advanced settings

Advanced settings holds a few specific settings associated with MOCA Connections: Advanced Settings

SSL Validation - Provides options for Default SSL validation, Skip SSL validation, or use a specified Truststore file.

  • Default: Cycle with use the machine's default SSL validation to ensure valid remote endpoints for data transfers.
  • Skip: Only applicable if neither Default SSL validation nor Truststore configuration are feasible options. This will result in an unsecure connection to your endpoint.
  • Truststore: This option is often necessary when an organization is using self-signed certificates. (See note below)

Advanced Settings

If Truststore is selected, the field to define the Truststore file path apprears.

Note: If your organization has provided you with a self-signed SSL certificate for secure connections you will need a tool such as keytool or KeyStore Explorer to create the .jks file to use in this Cycle setting.

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