Reporting settings

Reporting settings holds the settings for the reports Cycle will generate after running its tests. These settings are private and will not be shared as part of a Project, as highlighted in the screenshot below.

Reporting Settings

Local Reports

  • Output Directory - Sets the location Cycle should export its reports and any saved images from execution.
  • Produce web report - Turns on or off Cycle's creation of an HTML-based report of the results of tests run.
  • Write results to data store - Turns on or off Cycle's logging of execution results directly to a database connection.
  • Produce CSV report - Turns on or off Cycle's creation of a report in CSV format for analysis in external applications.
  • Send email summary - Turns on or off the sending of a summary report via email. It is recommended to have this turned off while writing or debugging tests to avoid excessive unwanted emails.
  • Include Steps in Group Test reports - Toggles whether to include Step information or only Feature and Scenario-level information in the CSV reports resulting from Group Tests.

Email Summary

  1. Sender email address - Email address Cycle with use to send the report summary to recipients.
  2. Recipient email addresses - Comma-separated list of email addresses to receive the email summary report.
  3. Host - The host domain of the sender email address.
  4. Port - The port number Cycle should use to send the email summary through this host.
  5. Protocol - The type of protocol to send the email. Cycle supports SSL, TLS, and Plaintext protocols.
  6. Username - The username associated with the sender email address.
  7. Password - The password associated with the sender email address.

Variable Blacklist

  1. Hide sensitive data from reports - Toggles on or off the masking of values assigned to sensitive variables specified in this section.
  2. Blacklisted Variables - The list of variables which should have their values masked in Cycle's output and all reports.

More info on variable blacklisting

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