Data Store reports

If you have the "Write results to data store" setting turned on while running a test, Cycle will write the results of the execution into the database specified in the DATA STORE CONNECTION section of your reporting settings.

MySQL Example:

MySQL logging settings

H2 Example:

H2 logging settings

Note: If you are using an H2 database for Data Store reporting and also have an open session connected to it in a separate DB client, Cycle will not be able to simultaneously connect to it unless you include ;AUTO_SERVER=TRUE at the end of your Server URL as shown below:


Before using this function, it is recommended that you confirm the access and write permissions of the credentials for your Data Store Connection:

Test Connection

This will confirm that the credentials supplied are in fact able to log in and create a session on the database.

Create Database Tables

This will attempt to create the tables in the specified Database for logging results. While this is not required it will help determine whether the user has the necessary permissions to write to the database.


As of Cycle 2.4.0, MariaDB is not supported for Cycle's Data Store reporting.

The tables created will resemble the following:

Database Tables created

**Note:** At minimum, the user configured in your connection settings should have `select`,`insert`, and `update` privileges to these tables.

JDBC Data store ERD

JDBC Data store ERD

MOCA Data store ERD

MOCA Data store ERD

ERD for Data Store as a data source for Scenario Outlines

Data store ERD

Advanced Users or DB Administrators

Full DDLs for table creation

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