Feature File Header

Every Feature File should start with the Cycle version number included as a comment

  • Cycle version number
  • Application version number
  • Purpose of the Feature File
  • Names of Scenarios or Feature Files that will be imported
  • Names of any resources that will be needed to execute the Feature File
  • Assumptions and usage instructions


# Cycle Version
# WMS Version: 2009_1
# Desc: The Feature File is to wave an order via wave operations GUI screen
# Import Feature/Scenarios:
#     JDA_WM_Utilities.feature
#     Wave_Ops.feature
# Resources:
#     Gui_Login-Login.png
#     Wave_Operations-Wave_Operations_Title.png

Within-Scenario comments

Comments can also be added for the sake of clarity before a Step, set of Steps, or Scenario. This is particularly helpful to add descriptive information related to loops, conditionals, and breaks.

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