Local Terminal in Cycle

Beginning in Cycle 2.2.1, the Steps I open local terminal and I open local terminal running... will start a cmd session from which Cycle can run commands in a Windows command prompt locally and interactively.


Given I open local terminal
When I see "C:\MyUser>" in terminal
Then I enter "perl build_rollout.pl" in terminal
Then I see....

The I open local terminal running... Step can handle multiple arguments such as:

I open local terminal running "dcsrdt.exe" "-h" "" "-p" "4550"

Whatever arguments are needed can be listed out in separate quotes. This works similarly to the I execute process Step, but with I open local terminal it’s interactive and displays within a terminal in Cycle.

Voice Emulation Example

A voice emulator could be started in this way using I open local terminal running "C:\Python35\python.exe" "C:\pydev\pydevd.py" - replacing with the correct paths for python.exe on the local box, and the correct path for the voice emulator python script. Any additional arguments beyond that could be included as well:

I open local terminal running "C:\Python35\python.exe" "C:\pydev\pydevd.py" "website.com" "4550"

Once a local PTY session is opened with any of those Steps, all the I see in terminal, I enter in terminal, etc. Steps will work the same as they do for SSH or Telnet.

Note: Enabling the keyboard in this terminal in a Feature has slightly different behaviors if text is typed vs pasted. Pasting “cd ..“, will work smoothly, but typing out the same string rather than pasting, while it would still work, may cause some jumping of lines when the space bar is pressed.

The I enter..., I type..., and I press keys... Steps all work well in conjunction with this.

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