Scenario Outlines

Scenario Outlines are similar to regular Scenarios except that a Scenario Outline executes multiple times, once for each row of data it is using.

Example Background

The basics:

  • The keyword Scenario Outline: is used to begin a new Scenario Outline.
  • An Examples section after the last Step in the Scenario can be used to hold the data for the iterations of the execution
  • Replacement values in they Cycle Steps use a format of <FIELD NAME>, aka chevron variables.
  • A Scenario Outline executes once for each row of values in the data it is using.

External Data Sources

In Cycle 2.5.0 and newer versions, Scenario Outlines can utilize external data sources to dynamically generate rows of values. This provides an easier and more efficient path to increasing test parameter coverage.

The new data sources included are CSV files, SQL queries, MSQL queries and Cycle's Data store. In addition, there is a Example Row input that creates a single iteration for parameter and script building. The links to the pages specific to each source’s set up and usage can be found below.

Stored Connections and Credentials

Scenario Outline sources requiring connection and credential information can use the named values stored in the Cycle Settings for Connections and Credentials. Learn More

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