GUI components

Group tabs

Each group will have a separate tab within Cycle. The tab will have the display name that was setup in the terminal group test. There will be as many terminal emulators running as were setup in the CSV file.

Terminal status

Each tab will contain a header with a total number of terminals in each status. Great for a quick look at how your test is doing.

  • Executing: Currently running test
  • Passed: Test completed successfully
  • Failed: Test failed
  • Total: Total number of terminals in all statuses

Emulation and Monitoring tabs

Within each tab for the terminal group there are Emulation and Monitoring tabs.

  • The Emulation tab is the default tab and shows the terminal emulators as they are performing the actions defined in the Feature File.
  • The Monitoring tab allows the user to get an overview of what Step each terminal emulator is taking at the particular moment. The Monitoring tab is helpful to see the status of your terminal if it stops responding on the Emulation tab. You can see the steps executed for each terminal. Also, you can easily see which terminal has failed in this tab.

Output pane

You are able to view the output pane for an individual terminal to see a stream of the steps it is taking. This allows the user to see the historical steps taken by an individual terminal emulator. Helpful when debugging to see what steps an terminal took before it failed.

  • How To: Left click the terminal emulator you want to track. You can then adjust the output tray to see both the terminal and the output pane

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