Grouping and group CSV files


A group allows you to define settings about a grouping of terminal devices. You can define a Feature File, a CSV file containing information about the terminal devices, tags, and a display name. You can create as many groups as you want, with as many terminal devices per group.

Group CSV files

In order to define the information for each terminal device you must create a CSV file for each group. Each row in the CSV file corresponds to a distinct terminal device in that group. In order to add a terminal device to the group, you add a new line to the CSV file and restart the test.

Required columns:

  • Required Columns in the CSV file are devcod and layout
  • Devcod is the device code you want to use for that specific terminal device
  • Layout is the layout of that device (Handheld or Vehicle)

Recommended additional columns:

  • You can include additional columns in your csv files in order to create a more robust test.
  • Each additional column added will create that variable with the value you provide, only for that specific terminal device.
  • We recommend adding username and password so you can use an individual username and password per terminal device.
  • You can include a terminal_size column to specify a size for each terminal emulator. If you do not specify a size, the default of 25 lines x 80 columns will be used.

Group tabs

Each group will have a separate tab within Cycle. The tab will have the display name that was setup in the terminal group test. There will be as many terminal emulators running as were setup in the CSV file.

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