Cycle terminal interaction

Interacting with the terminal emulator within Cycle emulates the user’s interactions within the terminal emulator. The terminal emulator continues to run through telnet and move between screens, just as a user would do if they were on the floor in a production environment. The deep integration with the terminal emulator allows for automated tests to enter text, press F keys, check where the cursor is located, and even use on-screen text as variables in tests.

The most basic interaction with the terminal emulator is to enter text into the screen. Using this Step, Cycle emulates a user typing text into the terminal emulator.

To enter text into the terminal emulator screen, use the following Step:

I enter < TEXT > in terminal


I enter “SUPER” in terminal

In order to press Enter or other special keys into the terminal, a specific Step is needed. The ability to press Enter or an F key into the terminal emulator is needed to continue to the next screen or perform an action in most terminal emulator screens.

To Press an F key in the terminal emulator use the following Step:

 I press keys <KEY_OR_KEY_COMBINATION> in terminal


I press keys F6 in terminal

This Step works for other known keys or key combinations in the terminal as well:


I press keys Enter in terminal

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