Resetting Terminals

Terminal emulators may not always begin at the login screen, depending on how the previous user left the device being used. Cycle includes a Step for resetting the terminal device, so that the user is presented with the login screen. The only exception to this rule is if inventory is left on the device, this will have to be dealt with manually. This Step is highly recommended, but not required when using a terminal emulator. An active MOCA connection is required to use this Step.

To reset a device use the following Step:

I reset terminal device "< DEVICE_CODE >" in warehouse "< WAREHOUSE_ID >"


I reset terminal device “RDT001” in warehouse “WMD01"

Behind the scenes, Cycle is sending a shutdown message to the device code passed in and acknowledging the shutdown message, which terminates the current context for that device code. This provides a consistent login process for the terminal emulator, which is critical to success for automated testing.

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