Using variables with MOCA commands

Cycle variables can be used in conjunction with MOCA commands. Using Cycle variables allows you to build dynamic MOCA commands and to pass data into the commands. After a MOCA command is executed, the following Step allows you to save a value from the MOCA result set for later use:

I assign row <Row_Number> column <Column_Name> to variable <Variable_Name>

The figure below prompts the user for a location. Then the value entered is used as an argument to list the inventory in the location. The first load returned is stored and then echoed in the Output pane.

Using variables with MOCA commands

MOCA environment variables

Cycle includes a Step that will set MOCA environment variables for a specific test. Examples include DEVCOD, WH_ID, and LOCALE_ID.

I  assign "USER_PC" to MOCA environment variable "DEVCOD"

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