Web testing troubleshooting

Opening the browser first

Any browser-based Steps in Cycle should be preceded in their Scenario with:

I open "<BROWSER_NAME>" web browser

Updating the browser and driver

New versions of browsers and webdrivers are released periodically, and updating them may resolve web testing issues.

Updating your Google Chrome version

Google Chrome usually updates itself automatically without need for user interaction. However in some cases a new version of Chrome will be released and can improve Cycle's performance with Web testing.

To check that your Chrome browser is up to date:

  • Click the three dots in the upper right corner.

  • Go to Help > About Google Chrome.

  • This will check for any updates or tell you that your version is the latest.

Updating your Internet Explorer version

Internet Explorer updates are done through the Windows Update service.

You can check your Internet Explorer version by going to:

  • Settings Gear > About Internet Explorer.

Updating your web driver in Cycle

Any time you manually update your browser, or Chrome automatically updates, it may be necessary to update Cycle's driver for that browser as well.

The latest versions for Chromedriver and IEDriver executables are available from Chromium and Selenuim:



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