Web testing

Initial setup

Step 1: Install drivers

In order to use Cycle web Steps, a driver must be installed for Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge.

With a Cycle Project open, click the Project Settings button:

Then navigate to:

Project Settings > Execution Settings > Web Drivers & Browser

The downloads for Chromedriver and IEDriver executables can be found from Chromium and Selenuim:



The Chrome webdriver is typically named chromedriver.exe, the Internet Explorer webdriver is typically named IEDriverServer.exe. These drivers can be saved to anywhere on the hard drive, as long as you know the path to the location.

The Driver for Microsoft Edge is included with Windows 10 but must be installed to use. To do this, open a Command Prompt window as an Administrator and run this command:

DISM.exe /Online /Add-Capability /CapabilityName:Microsoft.WebDriver~~~~

The driver for Microsoft Edge is now installed, and can be found in C:\Windows\System32, the driver will be named MicrosoftWebDriver.exe.

Once you have downloaded a given webdriver, you will need to update the driver location in Cycle Settings. The location must be exact for each browser’s webdriver, and must include the name of the driver, as shown in the image below.

Set webdriver location

There are additional settings related to web test execution in Cycle--one for automatically closing the web browser after a given Scenario is finished executing, and another to automatically close the web browser when exiting Cycle. It should also be noted that both browsers will rely on whatever proxy settings the user is using as a default.

Step 2: Update browser settings

First, note that Cycle expects all web browsers to be installed in their default locations.

Chrome and Microsoft Edge

There are no browser settings that must be updated in Chrome or Edge.

It should be noted that any settings made in a user’s Chrome browser will not be carried over into the Cycle-generated Chrome browser, because Chrome settings are tied to user profiles.

Internet Explorer

In order for Cycle to work with the Internet Explorer web browser, you must open Internet Explorer and verify the following:

  • First, in Internet Explorer, go to Settings > Zoom and ensure that zoom is set to 100%.

  • Next, go to Settings > Internet Options > Security, and verify "Enable Protected Mode" is checked for the Internet, Local intranet, Trusted sites, and Restricted sites zones. It is recommended that “Enable Protected Mode” be kept on (checked), but it can also be turned off. If it is turned off, it must be unchecked for all four zones.

Figure: Internet Explorer security settings
Internet Explorer security settings

  • Finally, add the sites you wish to access to the Trusted sites zone by going to Settings Menu > Internet Options > Security > Trusted sites and and clicking the "Sites" button. Add the domain of the website you wish to access to the Trusted sites list. It is very important that you add the domains you wish to test to the Trusted sites list. You must also verify that the Security level for the Trusted sites zone is not set to “High”.

Figure: Update Trusted sites list
Update Trusted sites list

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