Reusing Scenarios

Cycle has the ability to run Scenarios from another Scenario so that a given Scenario can be reused without having to be rewritten. Scenarios in Cycle are completely modular and can be reused by utilizing the I execute scenario Step.

The Step: I execute scenario "<SCENARIO_NAME>" will run all the steps in the Scenario specified by the Step. In the figure below, the Login Scenario will execute the Get User Scenario to prompt for a User Value. It is important to note that Cycle considers the executed Scenario to be part the original Scenario. Since both Scenarios are considered part of the same Scenario, variables can be shared between the calling Scenario and the executed Scenario.

Reusing Scenarios

Notice that the @wip tag is being used on line 7. The @wip tag indicates that the next Scenario will only be run by the execute scenario Step. Cycle will never run a Scenario that is preceded with the @wip tag as a standalone Scenario.

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