Keyboard Steps and shortcuts

Keyboard navigation and key sequences are often the most efficient and reliable way to interact with an application. Cycle includes many Steps for performing keyboard activities such as: entering text, pushing common buttons, pushing functions keys, entering multiple key sequences, and pushing a single key multiple times with waits in between.

The Windows operating system contains many keyboard shortcuts to allow actions to be invoked. The table below displays many of the commonly-used shortcuts.

Commonly-used shortcuts

Action Key Sequence Cycle Step
Open Start Menu CTRL + ESC Given I press keys "CTRL+ESC"
Close Window ALT + F4 Given I press keys "ALT+F4"
Save File CTRL + S Given I press keys "CTRL+S"
New File CTRL + N Given I press keys "CTRL+N"
Refresh a Webpage F5 Given I press keys "F5"
Open a New Tab CTRL + T Given I press keys "CTRL+T"
Select the Address Bar ALT + D Given I press keys "ALT+D"
Copy CTRL + C Given I press keys "CTRL+C"
Cut CTRL + X Given I press keys "CTRL+X"
Paste CTRL + V Given I press keys "CTRL+V"

Note: Shortcuts should be entered using all capital letters and surrounded by quotation marks.

Shortcut syntax

Complete List of Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

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