Managing licenses

You can validate you received a license in Cycle by going to Edit > Preferences. If your request for a license was approved, you will see a Username, Expiration Date, License ID, and License Type populating the fields.

License Settings

Managing license settings

In addition to license information, the License settings section contains buttons for the following actions related to Cycle licenses.

Request license

Requests a floating license for 8 hours.

Checkout license

Requests a floating license for a configurable number of days.

Relinquish current license

Releases the your current license back into the license pool.


Ends the active session in Cycle and relinquishes the current license.

Types of licenses

There are two types of Cycle licenses: node-locked and floating-strict (team).


A node-locked license is a non-transferrable license registered to one user on one machine for a specified number of days. Thus, multiple user accounts on the same machine will require multiple licenses.

Floating-strict (Team)

A floating-strict or team license is a transferrable license that can be used non-concurrently by any user. By default, floating license are issued for 8 hours but can be issued for "x" number of days as well.

Note: If a company's maximum license quota has been reached and a user requests a floating license, the user will be denied.

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